#CurlyHair by Kim Love Litavec

Back in the day, countless women tamed their waves and curls for a more sleek style for the office. We heard, “My curls are too messy for work!”, or “Natural kinky hair isn’t professional.” Sadly, there was a time this may have been true. But good news, you can throw out the flat iron and let Mother Nature make you look modern, stylish and simply beautiful in the workplace.

With the curl movement making it’s way stronger than ever, how can we find the courage to let go of a structured look in favor of textured playfulness, especially in the workplace? The answer is finding out the what, when, and where of curls and waves.

The what has to do with what to use in your hair in order to bring it from bed head to polished and career ready. There are a few tips in this difficult situation. Learn to cocktail your products. Some people layer a cream under a gel, others conditioner under a cream, and some even add hairspray while their hair is still damp. What to use is different for everyone and also needs to be adjusted for different weather conditions.

When you wash and style curls makes a huge difference in the results that you can expect. The ideal time to wash is in the morning so they have time to dry before you smash them up in the pillow. Bedtime doesn’t have to wreck your curls, wear them another day by adding a little hairspray before bed and use a satin or silk head wrap or pillow case.

Where to go to find the help of a texture professional can be difficult. Some people travel miles to find one. Searching #curlyhair or #devacut on your favorite social media site can help you locate a knowledgeable stylist. You will know you found your hair guru when your hair appointment includes:

• a great cut

• education on styling

• help determining your hair products

• recommendations on shape and style

• curly color options

Professional women are coming into the salon in droves asking for help with their curls. Many of these women have never been out without hiding their natural beauty. The time has come, at least until the next style change, to flaunt your bounce. Don’t miss enjoying the trend before it’s yesterday’s news.

Author: Kim Love Litavec

Deva Curl Inspired Stylist

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